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Preseason Service: "Best Value In the Business!"
•Grease All Fittings
•Clean Exhaust Valves
•Adjust Chain Tension/Change Fluid
•Adjust track Tension and Inspect Rear Skid
•Adjust Ski Toe and Inspect Carbides/Skis
•Replace/Gap Spark Plugs (models vary)
•Check Compression
•Clean and Inspect Clutches/ Set Belt Deflection
•Examine Reed Boot Condition
•Check all Suspension Bolts/ Fasteners for Proper Torque
•Examine Suspension Functions and Parts
•Inspect all Hoses/Cables for any wear
•Top off Coolant if Necessary
•Change Engine Oil/Filter 
Starting at $225 per. sled
SnoWorx Racing Services
At SnoWorx Racing, we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs. From general maintenance to engine and shock rebuilds, SnoWorx has you covered! We have the expertise and knowledge to do the job right and keep you on track all season long!
Engine Rebuilding:
Blown motors, low compression, bad crankshafts, scored cylinders, etc... If you have any of these problems, let SnoWorx rebuild your motor at a fair price and done right! Unlike the dealers, SnoWorx offers rebuilding of ALL engine components instead of just putting new re-man motors back in. This service saves you an incredible amount money over the dealer, and we also fix factory mistakes in the engine building process. Give us a call for more info.

Studding Services:
If your looking for traction for average trail riding, lake running, or all out ice drags, then let the Pro's at SnoWorx put a package together for you! We only use Woody's traction products as they have been some of the best performing studs in the industry to date. Unlike the delaer, we offer a more competitive rate on the installs, and have custom patterns for the most serious, high horsepower sleds that need to get the power to the ground! So, if you want your studs to not only hook up but also last, then give us a call today!