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At SnoWorx, we test and tune every kit that we sell or recommend to a customer. Whether you're an average trail rider looking for more snap out of your sled, a lake racer looking to beat on your competition down the ice, or an off-trail deep lug long track adventurer, we can put together the perfect setup for you that will keep a smile on your face with every pull of the throttle! 

Sno-X Sled Riders: We have some incredible setups for you hardcore ditch bangers that trail ride the new 600 race sleds. Give us a call today and let SnoWorx rip your arms out of your sockets!

Mountain Sled Flatlanders: If you own a long track/deep lug Crossover or Mountain sled, we have kits available that will truly put the power to the ground for all riders in the 0-3000' altitude range! If you want to see the real potential your sled has out in the flatlands or climb a hill that all your buddies can't, then give us a call you won't be disappointed!

Kits Starting at $350

Kits Starting at $300

Kits Staring at $350

Kits Starting at $300
Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!
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Custom Clutch Setups
If you have a custom project, turbo build, drag sled, etc... Give SnoWorx a call to have your sled tuned and dialed in properly. Don't sacrifice performance or a loss of performance through your clutches. Let SnoWorx keep you out in front!